Web-based systems boost efficiency.

To make publishing simple and reliable, we keep the processes efficient, effective, secure and transparent. Workflow-based publishing on the basis of a platform is particularly good for multilingual publications involving multiple people and that have to be produced to a tight deadline.

SmartNotes expert software for financial reports

SmartNotes is a disclosure management system and publishing platform rolled into one. The expert software, developed in close collaboration with accounting specialists, works on a media-neutral basis. It’s the only software for creating financial publications that’s directly linked to the consolidation system. It’s suitable for online and print media, and guarantees a data pool of the highest quality. The application has numerical intelligence, can rectify rounding errors and do automatic validations and consistency checks when data are imported. From the first data import through the integration of corrections to the production of the final version, you work more or less autonomously with Microsoft products. From MS Word a robot generates flawless graphical layouts on the basis of pre-designed templates. Output in HTML/XBRL format and automatic SEC filing are also possible.

Platform-based publishing with PublishingSuite®

PublishingSuite® is particularly suited to periodicals, but also to financial reports. It’s a rule-based platform that enables different users to work on the same publication simultaneously, wherever they’re located. It works on a web-based, multichannel and multiplatform basis. Content is imported for digital channels semi-automatically. The system is highly available and capable, and thanks to a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and redundant data backups guarantees absolute data security. We run the platform as software as a service (SaaS), meaning the software is always at the latest stage of development. We were one of the first companies in Switzerland to make platform-based publishing possible.

Partnership with censhare

Censhare is a global market leader in premium cross-media systems. Linkgroup has been censhare’s Swiss partner since 2008. The system takes care of the relevant planning, production and publishing processes. It’s a flexible and scalable multimedia database, publishing system and web content management system rolled into one, operating on a cross-media basis.

Newsletter tool for information and campaigns

Our customisable newsletter tool Linkmailer® enables you to create and manage digital campaigns yourself and send them to groups of recipients inside and outside your organisation. It features an easy-to-use layout editor requiring no specialist know-how or programming knowledge. With the help of comprehensive statistics functionality, the success of a campaign can be measured and evaluated on a mailing and target group level. The Linkmailer® newsletter is ideal both for communicating with customers and for sending information and news within your organisation. Additional benefits include:

  • The tool is CSA-certified, guaranteeing high delivery rates.
  • The application allows automation (for example welcome cycles for people signing up or communications depending on click behaviour)
  • It’s a Swiss system hosted in Switzerland.

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