New corporate website with future-ready technology


Adval Tech commissioned Linkgroup to design its new website. We came up with a persuasive proposal involving a highly modular structure and an individually assembled complete package. Adval Tech’s digital design and branding underwent a complete overhaul, with a strong focus on existing imagery and video. The new website combines fresh typography, generous use of corporate colours and several new content modules to create a contemporary whole. It’s truly worthy of Adval Tech’s slogan: “Adding value through innovation.” In addition to the design, Adval Tech’s information architecture was rethought and simplified. Streamlined navigation geared to the audience helps guide users more clearly. New interactive elements are a playful but targeted way to discover Adval Tech’s range of products and services. Particularly noteworthy is the state-of-the-art technical implementation. The back-end solution and CMS is Storyblok, SaaS (software as a service) - or rather CaaS (content as a service) – with a focus on content. This headless CMS eliminates the need for the company’s own hosting. Updates are provided fully automatically and in real time by Storyblok, which massively reduces maintenance and brings many advantages in terms of security. Content is transferred to the front end of the website via API. During the entire project, great attention was paid to assuring GDPR-compliant and future-proof implementation. All services and processes related to data security were documented and are available for possible audits. An interface to EQS for media releases and ad hoc publications was also created; this feeds data to the website in real time as well as making it available in a specially developed caching system.


The Adval Tech Group is a global industrial supplier of technologically sophisticated components and subassemblies made of metal and plastic. As a supplier and value-adding partner, Adval Tech covers the entire value chain from product development to prototyping, to mould and tool development, and through to component production and assembly. Headquartered in Switzerland, the Adval Tech Group operates a total of nine production plants. These are located in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, China, Malaysia, Mexico and Brazil.

Special features

Website: digital consulting, branding, GDPR-compliant implementation, EQS interface, audience analysis, customer journey, search-engine-optimised content, UX/UI process, web development, headless CMS, media hub, online themed portal, content tagging with search function, thought leadership: audience analysis, identifying areas of interest, theme setting, content creation.


“From the outset we were impressed by Linkgroup’s holistic approach, great advice and technical solutions. We have rarely worked with such expert and engaged people. It’s extraordinary. Especially worthy of mention is the great support Linkgroup gave us with content throughout the entire process. We’re very satisfied with the results.”

Valeria Poretti
Head Corporate HR & Communication and Member of Group Executive Management Advaltech, Niederwangen (Canton of Berne)