First the strategy, then implementation.

We provide comprehensive advice and help you develop communications and content strategies as well as create the content itself. We also make sure that content is orchestrated properly across channels. The results are impactful, distinctive and creative communications solutions, drawing on the strengths of different channels and media to lend power to your brand. We’re a lean organisation geared to getting results. and have mastered a wide range of project management methodologies.

Sustainability Reporting & Corporate Social Responsibility

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We have built up expertise in sustainability reporting. Our specialists help you carefully plan your sustainability reporting and embed it in your overall communications.

“We don’t see ourselves as merely implementing pre-written customer views. What we do is draw on our long experience to support customers with formulating their own strategies for success.”

Marc Lehmann
Partner Linkgroup

“Our service packages for corporate, financial and marketing communications target specific stakeholders. Each follows a holistic approach and is divided into modules: advisory services, concept, content development, design and cross-media production.”

Othmar Krienbühl
Partner Linkgroup

“Before we offer solutions we familiarise ourselves thoroughly with our customer’s business. But at Linkgroup it’s not just about good advice. We’re also known for our structured approach and secure processes.”

Christian Schwander
Partner Linkgroup

“Our solutions are always built around content-driven communications. All our partners are co-owners of the business with direct responsibility for customers. We promise customers personal advice from one of our partners.”

Marc Lehmann
Partner Linkgroup

What we guarantee


We strive for long-term cooperation. For more than 20 years we have served as an agency and media service provider to a range of prestigious companies in Switzerland and abroad. Whether the solution is digital, print or cross-media, we guarantee process security and high-quality execution throughout, even when it comes to complex publications in multiple languages. If required we can arrange 24/7 production and oversight, any time.

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Sustainability management

Our group takes its social responsibility seriously, every day. Sustainability management should be more about creating positive solutions than avoiding negative impact. This has been our approach for many years. By systematically training our staff we guarantee the efficient use of resources throughout the entire production cycle.


As communications professionals we operate in a field with many stakeholders with different needs. We see the tasks and disciplines of communication in an overall strategic context. Our partnerships are an expression of this holistic view of communications.

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Quality management

We guarantee process security and high-quality execution throughout, even when it comes to the most complex publications. We do solid work for the long term. A good example is a quarterly customer magazine that for over ten years we’ve been producing on a cross-media platform for more than 20 countries in 30 variants and 15 languages.

Comprehensive range of technical services


We check your texts for spelling, grammar and typography, and if desired to ensure linguistic and stylistic consistency as well – plus compliance with your corporate terminology. Our highly experienced in-house proofreaders also have basic training in graphic design. We proofread texts in six languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

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Media production

We love producing media that are executed to high standards and get results. When it comes to media production you benefit from our expertise along the value chain. Our specialists are driven by quality, our infrastructure is always state of the art, and because we’re constantly in competition we work efficiently as a matter of course.

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Publishing systems

Workflow-based publishing: We provide you with proven publishing systems to make publishing straightforward and reliable. In addition to making your publishing processes more efficient and effective, they’re also secure and traceable.

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GoodPriv@cy certification

The first and only agency with certification: With customers expecting their service providers to meet higher and higher standards of data protection and information security, it’s more important then ever to have certification. The more forward-looking are already getting a competitive edge by taking precautions.

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“We chose Linkgroup because we wanted to work with a professional and reliable partner that was already established in the market, as well as being optimally networked. It was also very important to us to obtain as many services as possible from the same source when it came to financial and sustainability reporting, the corporate website and digital communication. This enabled us to experience a huge improvement in terms of efficiency, and it also increased the degree of flexibility within our processes. We greatly benefit from the fact that Linkgroup has proved to be a first-class associate and one-stop shop – from concept development to design, including a rebranding, and integral implementation.”

Markus Waeber
Head of Group Investor Relations & Communications of Swiss Prime Site AG, Zurich
Mladen Tomic
Head of Group Communications of Swiss Prime Site AG, Zurich

“We wanted to realign our financial and sustainability reporting. Linkgroup was the clear winner in a multi-stage tendering procedure. The agency developed a multi-annual concept that incorporated Valiant’s vision, positioning and strategy. The concept impressed us because it concentrated on the essentials, was clear and original, and successfully integrated the online solution. With Linkgroup, we opted for a highly professional partner that provided excellent consulting as well as supplying the services we wanted integrally and in-house. Our collaboration with them is very efficient, and extremely pleasant at every level of work.”

Beat Michel-Risse
General Secretary of Valiant Holding AG, Berne

“We realign our financial and sustainablity reporting and the associated media, in each case at three-yearly intervals. This time, we effectively pursued an online-first solution. In addition, we simultaneously launched a new corporate website. When it came to executing these two projects, we were able throughout the entire value-added chain to benefit from Linkgroup’s expert knowledge, its wide-ranging experience and the considerable depth of its in-house production. The new online annual report that is integrated into the corporate website offers a modern and target-group-oriented user experience. At the same time, this integration has made it much easier to maintain the content on the web. Once again, Linkgroup was responsible for the conception, design and production of our reporting and the new website. We greatly appreciate our collaboration with them.”

Daniel Petitjean
CEO of Warteck Invest AG, Basel

“Linkgroup had a good understanding of our need for an integrated communications solution. They provided us with expert advice in every area of our work, demonstrating a high level of engagement and commitment; we were impressed by their multi-channel approach and their coherent overall concept. Above all, I’d also like to highlight their journalistic quality, attractive editorial design and cross-media technical know-how.”

Mélanie Ryser
Head of Marketing & Communications of Alfred Müller AG, Baar (Canton of Zug)

“We have used SmartNotes for our annual report and were thus able to optimise the efficiency and transparency of the reporting process. The high degree of automation, the excellent functionality of the number management and the CD-compliant implementation with the layout robot convinced us. The decisive factor for us was that we could create the reports ready for printing completely in Word and Excel. The correction effort was massively reduced and the media break to a graphic programme such as InDesign was avoided.ˮ

Pauline Mercier Fauchon
Responsible Group Finance, Swissquote Bank SA, Gland VD

“The solutions that Linkgroup proposed for the relaunch of the two magazines ‘am Ball’ and ‘Dynamo’ impressed us from the outset. The publications were developed in a structured way and realised in a highly efficient manner. We’re very satisfied with the results. We also appreciate the high-quality content that comes from Linkgroup, together with the advantages offered by the editorial channel.”

Armin Lutz
Head of Marketing & Communications of Debrunner Koenig Group, St Gallen

“Thanks to our long-standing, tried-and-tested cooperation with Linkgroup, integrating the new concept for a content portal into the existing website was a fast and uncomplicated process. All project-relevant milestones were discussed in close collaboration with us, and Linkgroup ensured rigorous project management. Our idea was understood right from the outset, and the agency responded to our needs and offered professional advice at every stage. Linkgroup helped us to negotiate a further milestone in corporate communications successfully, and we look forward to continuing our partnership.”

Philipp Hodel
Head of Corporate Communications of Zug Estates AG, Zug

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