New staff magazine and redesigned intranet.


BKW is in a process of radical change driven by a forward strategy. It wants to get its business model, core value and strategy optimally established among the workforce. The aim is to use active employer branding with existing and potential employees to position BKW as an attractive place to work – reason enough to completely realign its internal communications media as well. Linkgroup was charged with the conceptual development, design and production of the staff magazine as well as with optimising UI/UX and redesigning the intranet. BKW will soon be launching further measures within the framework of its communications strategy.


The BKW Group is a Bern-based energy and infrastructure company operating internationally. It employs around 10,000 people. Thanks to its network of companies and competences it can offer its customers comprehensive integrated solutions. BKW plans, builds and operates energy generation and supply infrastructures for companies, private individuals and the public sector, as well as creating digital business models for renewable energy. The BKW Group’s portfolio currently ranges from engineering planning and advice in relation to energy, infrastructure and environmental projects, through integrated building technology solutions, to construction, service and maintenance for energy, telecoms, transport and water networks. 

Special features

High-end employer branding. Impactful core messages. Complex content presented clearly and attractively. Powerful group experience: media taking staff on a journey of discovery. Expressing appreciation and promoting identification and motivation. New image concept for employee photography. State-of-the-art staff magazine. UI/UX optimisation and new intranet design concept. Powerful impact.

“BKW has changed a great deal in recent years. We were looking for an agency that could accompany us comprehensively and competently on the path of change. We are very satisfied with the new publications: they fulfil our communications goals, managing to convey in a very attractive way what makes the new BKW special.”

Iris Müller
Head of Content Management & Change Communication BKW, Berne