Dynamic Website to match the Company


aXenta commiss­ioned Linkgroup to deliver a new, modern corporate website that better reflected the company’s services and products. The focus was on improving the user experience and presenting information in a clear, stream­lined and attractive way. aXenta’s team and Linkgroup’s designers worked together closely to create a modern, clean and user-friendly design that underpins aXenta’s brand identity. Intuitive navigation and appealing visual elements attract visitors’ attention and effectively convey the company’s core messages. To make the solution as flexible, scalable and future-proof as possible, Linkgroup implemented the modern headless CMS Storyblok. This makes aXenta’s website future-proof, as new tech­nologies and platforms can be easily integrated without having to overhaul the entire system. Another focus of the project was the Angular web application framework. This makes it possible to extend modern single-page applications on a modular and straight­forward basis. The use of new tech­nologies underlines aXenta’s commit­ment to innovation and digital advancement.


aXenta AG is one of Switzerland’s leading providers of software solutions for administration systems of pension funds, collective foundations and admini­stration companies, with a market share of around 20 percent and customers with a total of over 1.2 million beneficiaries. Since 1999, aXenta, headquartered in Dättwil, Canton Aargau, has been synonymous with innovative products made in Switzerland. The company specialises in developing, imple­menting and supporting modular software solutions for the administration of occupational and private pension plans. The core of the product range is the pension fund software xPlan, which was specially developed by aXenta.

Special features

Digital consulting, strategy workshop, definition of wireframes and moods, UX/UI process, web development, headless CMS, Storyblok training, product name evaluation and standardisation, content consulting and copywriting.


“Working with Linkgroup to create our new corporate website was a positive experience. We were impressed by their expertise in web design and technology. Together, we’ve not only created a website that perfectly reflects our corporate values, services and solutions, but also a future-proof digital product that underlines our innovative strength. Thanks to the combination of intuitive design and advanced technologies, we can now offer our customers and partners an even better digital experience.”

Michael Flückiger
CEO of aXenta AG