Reporting now online led.


Genossenschaft Migros Zürich (GMZ) decided to start reporting in digital form. On the basis of the existing corporate identity and design, for the 2021 financial year Linkgroup developed new-look reporting with a short report focused on storytelling alongside a comprehensive online report. The concept and design enable content to be presented effectively, distinctively and creatively. A professional project management set-up ensured efficient delivery and the smooth interplay of the cross-media processes. The overhauled content policy for online and print media laid down clear areas of editorial focus. The new-look reporting combines different digital options and now also includes a quick report presenting the year under review for those in a hurry. An interactive tool also enables readers to compare all the relevant figures.


Genossenschaft Migros Zürich (GMZ) is one of the ten cooperatives that make up Migros. Based in Zurich, it is a legally independent entity within the Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund (MGB). Migros Zürich created in 1941 from the main branch of Migros AG, which had been in existence since 1925. Since taking over the commercial arm of Tegut… in 2013, the cooperative has also operated in Germany. GMZ covers a large part of Canton of Zurich, the whole of Canton of Glarus and adjoining areas of Canton of St. Gallen and Canton of Schwyz around Upper Lake Zurich.

Special features

Online annual report: advice and design, search engine optimised content, UX/UI process, quick report and chart generator, download centre and web development. Print short report: communications design, layout/typographic production, proofreading and image processing. Overall cross-media production.

Online annual report

“Given the growing importance of electronic media and changing user behaviour, it is only logical for a company to rely on digital business reporting today. An online annual report has to be dynamic and intuitive to use, and it has to work properly in functional, ergonomic and design terms. For us. it was important for the online and print channels to complement each other as well as possible. Linkgroup served as a one-stop shop, giving us strategic advice on these matters and producing our reports with professionalism and dedication.”

Annabel Ott
Head of Corporate Communications/Media Spokesperson, Migros Cooperative Zurich (MCZ), Zurich