Stories of gourmet pleasure.


More than just a book: “Epicurean heroes 01” places the spotlight on gourmet pleasure with opinions, stories and restaurant tips. The project portrays 12 heroes for whom gourmet pleasure is a passion, a job and a fascination. The book visits the heroes behind the scenes and reveals their secrets. In 12 stories they disclose their favourite places and gourmet products and invite us to experience them in person.


The initiators live and love Swiss gastronomy. The book “Epicurean heroes” is their way of giving something back. 12 heroes, 12 portraits, 12 stories: 12 facets of pure gourmet pleasure presented in an extraordinary clothbound volume. It’s a work that not only showcases our epicurean heroes, but also does something for Swiss gastronomy, which has faced its greatest challenge of recent history in the form of the coronavirus. 

Special features

Cloth cover with deep embossing and relief printing. Eye-catching black thread stitching with free spine. Double-page design with technically sophisticated image and text transitions. High-contrast images with high colour content. Powerful impact. Besides the people portrayed, the book includes a small booklet with discounts worth around CHF 500.

“We had a number of technical hurdles to overcome on the path to producing this extraordinary book. Linkgroup supported us expertly, always treating us as an equal partner and ready to share their know-how in an uncomplicated way.”

Georg Twerenbold
Initiator and Publisher