Content for a broad organic reach.


Lyreco’s blog is positioned as a content hub designed to be highly useful for visitors. The aspirations in terms of content are high: the idea is to produce relevant, accessible, fresh and highly topical articles to increase organic reach on search engines and position Lyreco as a thematic leader. The impactful content strategy is geared to the evaluated areas of interest and information needs of the target readers. Planning, which includes specifying the focus topics, is done on a quarterly basis,. Blogposts, newsletter and teaser copy for social media are oriented to the relevant stakeholders, and are differentiated in terms of content and tone. This journalistic approach gives Lyreco greater visibility on the web and gets stakeholders on board with topics that engage and move them. 


The Lyreco group is the European leader and the third largest distributor of workplace products and services in the world. Thanks to an international network spanning 42 countries on four continents, Lyreco can offer its customers a high-quality, varied selection of products. More than 500 motivated staff in Switzerland ensure that 6,500 orders a day are delivered on time.  Lyreco’s services range from straightforward product advice to comprehensive one-stop solutions around the workplace.

Special features

Comprehensive advice, exciting content and appropriate storytelling. Tone of voice matching the organisation. Consistent interplay of channels. Increased click-through rate for newsletter. Meaningful teasers on LinkedIn and Facebook attract attention. Customer relieved of work and stress. Overall coordination and execution: interviews, reportage and translation.


“We have high aspirations in terms of content. In Linkgroup I’ve found an agency able to give me broad, comprehensive support. Our collaboration with the content team is smooth, and we’re on the same wavelength. I feel understood as a customer and trust the agency implicitly. Linkgroup takes a huge weight off my shoulders by developing content on an integral basis and distributing it directly to the various channels.”

Tina Kempf
Head of Corporate Communication, Lyreco Switzerland AG, Dietikon (Canton of Zurich)