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SWICA’s BENEVITA app provides interactive challenges designed to encourage people to exercise regularly, relax more and eat healthily. These challenges consist of informative texts or videos in which experts demonstrate exercises and give health tips. Users are guided interactively through the challenges. SWICA relies on Linkgroup to develop and create the content. The content team develops health-related topics for the app around exercise, nutrition and well-being, writes the content, and coordinates and guides the filming. The focus is on communicating health promotion measures and tips in an exciting and comprehensible form. The idea is that readers take away valuable knowledge for their health and well-being which they can easily implement in their everyday lives.


Winterthur-based SWICA Holding is a Swiss insurance company specialising in health and accident insurance. The BENEVITA app allows SWICA to get involved in preventive efforts and promote people’s health. By completing challenges related to well-being, nutrition and exercise, SWICA customers can collect awards and benefit from reductions on supplementary insurance premiums and offers related to health promotion.

Special features

All-day workshops, developing content for content sprints, content creation, content strategy, communications advice, coordinating video challenges, co-creating video production, evaluation locations for shooting videos, creating storyboards.

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“Among other things our BENEVITA app is a very important communications instrument covering the key areas of health. Especially when it comes to the quiz and the video challenges it’s about getting across knowledge, storytelling and harnessing users’ intrinsic motivation. Linkgroup gives us comprehensive advice and from the outset has impressed us with an appealing style of writing that’s close to our customers. The content team always manages to produce relevant and informative content and present it skilfully.”

Delia Zita
Product Owner of BENEVITA SWICA Healthcare Organisation, Winterthur