Marketing with a focus on specific audiences.

The Marketing Publishing service package is geared to organisations that want to take a content-driven approach to marketing communications. Our goal is to maximise your impact with an audience oversaturated with information, with appropriate and emotionally appealing content.

Modular service package

If you commission us to manage your project on an integrated basis you benefit from our capabilities as a full-service provider. For each service package we offer the following modules:

  • Consulting services
  • Conceptual design
  • Content creation
  • Design
  • Cross-media production

Marketing communications with impact

By marketing we mean the sum total of activities and measures systematically geared to achieving success in the long term. Theoretically there’s a huge range to choose from. But breaking it down to individual customers and their concrete goals substantially reduces the spectrum of promising options. We help you make the right choice and implement the measures you decide on to maximum effect.

Expertise in marketing publishing and content marketing

Linkgroup produces more than 200 marketing publications a year. Your project is overseen by experienced, highly-qualified consultants and project managers with the ability to think across the different categories of marketing. As a customer you benefit from our cross-media know-how and deep vertical integration. We’re renowned for our structured approach and efficiency across all levels and processes. You reap the benefits.

“We have high aspirations in terms of content. In Linkgroup I’ve found an agency able to give me broad, comprehensive support. Our collaboration with the content team is smooth, and we’re on the same wavelength. I feel understood as a customer and trust the agency implicitly. Linkgroup takes a huge weight off my shoulders by developing content on an integral basis and distributing it directly to the various channels.”

Tina Kempf
Head of Corporate Communication, Lyreco Switzerland AG, Dietikon (Canton of Zurich)

“We don’t see ourselves as merely implementing pre-written customer views. What we do is draw on our long experience to support customers with formulating their own strategies for success.”

Marc Lehmann
Partner Linkgroup

“Our service packages for corporate, financial and marketing communications target specific stakeholders. Each follows a holistic approach and is divided into modules: advisory services, concept, content development, design and cross-media production.”

Othmar Krienbühl
Partner Linkgroup

“Before we offer solutions we familiarise ourselves thoroughly with our customer’s business. But at Linkgroup it’s not just about good advice. We’re also known for our structured approach and secure processes.”

Christian Schwander
Partner Linkgroup

“Our solutions are always built around content-driven communications. All our partners are co-owners of the business with direct responsibility for customers. We promise customers personal advice from one of our partners.”

Marc Lehmann
Partner Linkgroup

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Publishing systems

Workflow-based publishing: We provide you with proven publishing systems to make publishing straightforward and reliable. In addition to making your publishing processes more efficient and effective, they’re also secure and traceable.

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GoodPriv@cy certification

The first and only agency with certification: With customers expecting their service providers to meet higher and higher standards of data protection and information security, it’s more important then ever to have certification. The more forward-looking are already getting a competitive edge by taking precautions.

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2022 Swiss Annual Report Rating

We helped Sika to first place and Holcim to second place in the 2022 overall ratings. We work for four of the top twelve companies.

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Learning from publishers

Themed online portal: Companies have to stop thinking ideologically in terms of channels and media. They must learn to think like publishers. Content marketing works best when it’s embedded in an overall strategy and fine-tuned to stakeholder expectations.

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