Interfaces providing outstanding user experience.

Before we advise you on your digital strategy we ask you a lot of questions. Our solutions are designed to achieve your business and communications goals while at the same time meeting the needs and expectations of users. We produce interfaces for websites and intranets providing an outstanding user experience. Whatever the project, you yourself are part of the project team and work closely with us all the way from kick-off to go-live.

Digital strategy and clear processes

We work in accordance with defined processes, from the kick-off workshop, analysis, strategy, conceptual design and prototyping, interaction design, to front- and back-end development. We also provide you with support after the go-live. In the analysis phase we want to find out who your users are and what they expect from your web presence. We do this by way of

  • Interviewing and/or observing users and target audiences
  • Analysing existing websites and applications
  • Analysing processes
  • Benchmarking and/or market analysis
  • Analysing content and making inventories of content

On this basis decisions can be made on how your digital strategy is oriented. Whether the job involves developing a new application or refining an existing one, your point of contact will be a dedicated project manager who brings in specialists from the various disciplines depending on the stage of the project.

Conceptual design, prototyping and interaction design

We do conceptual design from the user’s point of view and with an eye to your business interests. This way the information architectures we develop meet both your communications objectives and the requirements of your users. At an early stage we visualise select use cases in clickable prototypes as high-end wireframes. That helps make the right decisions. When creating interfaces our web designers think in visual and functional terms, making sure that the solution matches your brand and facilitates usability and accessibility on devices from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers.

User experience as the overarching goal

Whether it’s a microsite or corporate website, business, themed or service portal, user experience is the key to whether a digital application gets a positive response. As digital consultants and UI/UX designers we’re intimately acquainted with the complex, multidisciplinary world of user experience. We also think deeply about the expectations and needs of your audiences and users. This results in a satisfying overall experience on all devices. Our SEO professionals apply their know-how and the right tools to make sure Google finds your website and places it at the top of the list.

Front-end development

We produce the front end in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and support you with migration and back-end integration, making use of current open standards and best practices. We check and validate code on an automated basis. We’re constantly adopting technological refinements. Our front-end work takes account of accessibility requirements, and if desired can be certified.

Content and UX writing

Content is good when it gets read and makes an impression. We help you structure content for the different channels. We’re in our element when it comes to optimising language and style to specific channels and audiences. Our website content is search engine optimised to make sure people find your message. We always write with a view to high conversion rates.

Back-end development

When it comes to choosing the right content management system (CMS) there are various criteria and points of view to consider. We know the characteristics of the most common CMSs and are used to looking at things from every perspective. Before recommending an appropriate system we first clarify your needs and requirements. For popular CMSs such as WordPress, Plone, Craft, ProcessWire, Magnolia and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) we work with specialists from our network.

Interfaces to third systems

The websites and other digital products we produce can take over parts of your business processes. If you need other tools and systems to do so, we can work with your in-house and external specialists to plan and deliver the appropriate interfaces.

One-stop shop for front and back-end development

Our standard open source CMS software is TYPO3. It assures high standards of security and an extraordinary range of functionality. This CMS software is licence-free, easy to manage, and offers many extensions. It’s search engine friendly and ideal for use on mobile devices, as well as being set up for multiple languages and complex authorisations. TYPO3 can be used for everything from compact microsites and corporate websites to portal solutions. To make sure you can manage your site efficiently we also offer professional training.

Monitoring after release

Websites never stand still. Once the project is complete we can continue to support you with usability monitoring, deploying smart analytics tools and optimising user experience. There’s a large community developing our standard CMS software on an ongoing basis. We provide updates to make sure your site is always up to speed, with major or minor version changes for new browsers and functions or to enhance security. We offer you useful service packages covering maintenance, hosting and support.

“We don’t see ourselves as merely implementing pre-written customer views. What we do is draw on our long experience to support customers with formulating their own strategies for success.”

Marc Lehmann
Partner Linkgroup

“Our service packages for corporate, financial and marketing communications target specific stakeholders. Each follows a holistic approach and is divided into modules: advisory services, concept, content development, design and cross-media production.”

Othmar Krienbühl
Partner Linkgroup

“Before we offer solutions we familiarise ourselves thoroughly with our customer’s business. But at Linkgroup it’s not just about good advice. We’re also known for our structured approach and secure processes.”

Christian Schwander
Partner Linkgroup

“Our solutions are always built around content-driven communications. All our partners are co-owners of the business with direct responsibility for customers. We promise customers personal advice from one of our partners.”

Marc Lehmann
Partner Linkgroup

“We chose Linkgroup because we wanted to work with a professional and reliable partner that was already established in the market, as well as being optimally networked. It was also very important to us to obtain as many services as possible from the same source when it came to financial and sustainability reporting, the corporate website and digital communication. This enabled us to experience a huge improvement in terms of efficiency, and it also increased the degree of flexibility within our processes. We greatly benefit from the fact that Linkgroup has proved to be a first-class associate and one-stop shop – from concept development to design, including a rebranding, and integral implementation.”

Markus Waeber
Head of Group Investor Relations & Communications of Swiss Prime Site AG, Zurich
Mladen Tomic
Head of Group Communications of Swiss Prime Site AG, Zurich