Good design is individual.

We think visually and design conceptually. Pretty designs, “l’art pour l’art” and design for its own sake don’t serve any real purpose. Good design is individual, aesthetically appealing and well thought-out. It should make content accessible and give it a very specific appeal. It has to be useful and effective and transmit the message effectively on all communication channels.

Design with a purpose

We’re a team of graphic designers, UI/UX designers, editorial designers and brand management specialists. For us, design always has to be pragmatic and serve a purpose. We’re responsible for making sure content attracts people’s attention. Design should be functional and at the same time lend content the desired appeal. Good design turns strategies and concepts into messages that reach a broad target audience. We work closely with our internal consultants and the content team. In our experience, the best results come when we have a good dialogue with you, our customer.

Digital and print: user experience rules

Whether the solution’s digital or print, user experience plays a crucial role in whether applications get a good response. As designers we’re intimately acquainted with the complex, multidisciplinary world of user experience. We also think deeply about the expectations and needs of your audiences and users. We think visually and design conceptually. Whether products and solutions are used physically or digitally, it’s the persuasive, distinct work of designers that plays a key role in creating a satisfying overall experience.

Typography and imagery

When it comes to implementation we work with a close eye to detail. We don’t just copy-paste text. We apply our typographic expertise to your entire publication, all the way from layout to microtypography. Our specialists offer image processing at the highest level. They particularly enjoy creating imagery in a special visual style, often in collaboration with photographers. Multilingual media are a speciality of ours. We do solid work for the long term. A good example is a quarterly customer magazine that for over ten years we’ve been producing on a cross-media platform for more than 20 countries in 30 variants and 15 languages.

Harness the power of infographics

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Infographics are nothing new. They originated in English-speaking countries over 200 years ago. Since the 1970s they’ve been a firm feature of newspapers, magazines and corporate communications in this country too.

“We don’t see ourselves as merely implementing pre-written customer views. What we do is draw on our long experience to support customers with formulating their own strategies for success.”

Marc Lehmann
Partner Linkgroup

“Our service packages for corporate, financial and marketing communications target specific stakeholders. Each follows a holistic approach and is divided into modules: advisory services, concept, content development, design and cross-media production.”

Othmar Krienbühl
Partner Linkgroup

“Before we offer solutions we familiarise ourselves thoroughly with our customer’s business. But at Linkgroup it’s not just about good advice. We’re also known for our structured approach and secure processes.”

Christian Schwander
Partner Linkgroup

“Our solutions are always built around content-driven communications. All our partners are co-owners of the business with direct responsibility for customers. We promise customers personal advice from one of our partners.”

Marc Lehmann
Partner Linkgroup

“Linkgroup provided us with expert support in relation to our brand management. The work of the entire team was outstanding at every stage of the process, from advice to design and then reliable implementation. The new corporate identity and corporate design have without exception been received positively by our employees, who identify with the clear presence that’s also in tune with the zeitgeist. Moreover, they appreciate the practical templates and the helpful style guide.”

Dr Sandra Walker
Head of Communications, Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS), Berne