Annual report: lively presentation of high-profile research and teaching.


The University of Zurich (UZH) wanted an annual report that informs the relevant stakeholders (the cantonal government, employees, alumni, media, donors, students and other interested parties) in a clear and appealing way about where the UZH stands, what goals it’s pursuing, how it’s developing and how it’s deploying its resources to do so. The idea was to have stimulating stories conveying a lively picture of how the UZH distinguishes itself in the national and international higher education landscape and how it serves teaching, research and the general public. Conceptually, the previous print report was to be replaced by a new online report, with the print version condensed and reduced to a short report. In addition to the change of media, one of the main goals of the project was to improve reader-friendliness.


With around 28,000 students (as of autumn 2022), the University of Zurich (UZH) is the largest of the twelve universities in Switzerland. Established in 1833, it was the first university founded by a democratic state in Europe. It has been associated with twelve Nobel Prize winners to date. UZH is a comprehensive university with seven faculties: Theology; Law; Business, Economics and Informatics; Medicine; Vetsuisse; Arts and Social Sciences (the largest faculty, accounting for around 47 per cent of all students); and Science.

Special features

Strategy: conceptual design.
Design: corporate design, infographics.
Microsite: Project Canvas, audience analysis, search-engine-optimised content, storytelling, web development.
Smart web PDF: landscape format for optimum screen readability, interactive table of contents, print on demand. One-stop shop for entire production.

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“The University of Zurich has shifted its annual reporting from print to online in response to changing user habits. In its capacity as the prime contractor, Linkgroup guided us through the cross-media conversion process with professionalism and commitment, always focusing on clarity and user-friendliness. We were impressed by their one-stop approach.”

Jürg Dinner
Head of Communications University of Zurich, Zurich