Financial reporting:
Design with MS Office.


Allreal and Swissquote have realigned their financial communications. Their entire reporting, annual reports and the media produced on this basis are tailored across media to the user behaviours of the various groups of stakeholders. In both projects, in a one-stop-shop capacity Linkgroup took responsibility for concept, design and production as well as for the use of SmartNotes.

SmartNotes is unique: a disclosure management system and publishing platform rolled into one. From the first data import through the integration of changes to the production of the final version, users work on the basis of workflows more or less autonomously in the familiar MS Office environment. There are no gaps in the information process, and no graphics program is needed at any stage of the proceedings. On the basis of the Office templates, a layout robot produces a fully designed PDF. Output formats such as HTML/XML are also available for online versions.

SmartNotes was developed in close collaboration with accounting specialists. The software is also established at EFG, Geberit, Swatch, Swiss Re and more than 200 further customers.


Allreal combines a stable-income real estate portfolio with the activities of a general contractor (development and delivery). The value of its real estate portfolio comes to CHF 4.53 billion. In fiscal 2020, the project volume effectively handled amounted to CHF 363 million. Allreal employs more than 200 people in Zurich, Basel and Bern. Its operational headquarters are located at Glattpark. The company operates only in Switzerland. Allreal Holding AG is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Swissquote is a Swiss banking group specialising in the provision of online financial and trading services as well as e-Forex, Crypto Assets, Robo-Advisory and e-Mortgage solutions. It also offers services designed specifically for independent asset managers and corporate clients. Swissquote shares are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. The group's headquarters are located in Gland (Canton Vaud), Switzerland and also has offices in Zurich, Bern, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Malta, Singapore and Luxembourg. In 2020 the group employed more than 800 people.

Special features

SmartNotes: designed reporting with standard MS Office add-in, no further IT installations necessary. No gap in the information process, no graphics program required. Data flow from upstream and consolidation systems. Automatic validation and consistency checks and correction of rounding errors. Production process management, integrated access rights management. Audit trail: tracks any changes in text and tables. SmartNotes factory function for production of similar reports from the master document. The system can automatically generate a PowerPoint presentation for a media conference.

Data remains in house for highest level of security. Output directly in many formats: HTML/XML, XBRL/ESEF, SEC filing format. Print-ready PDF with layout robot. Minimises work and shortens production time.

Project team

Katja Blaser, project management; Anna-Pia Link and Dorothea Miletzki, creation/design; Urs Landert, digital solutions; Othmar Krienbühl, conception and communication consulting.

More information

“Allreal has been working with Linkgroup since the IPO in 1999. Their range of services spans the production of a broad selection of printed and online material. Worthy of particular mention is the recent implementation of interactive financial and sustainability reporting on the basis of our new-look, new-content reporting platform. Regardless of the complexity and scope of the project, our partners at Linkgroup display professionalism, flexibility and consistently impressive commitment. Linkgroup is an extremely reliable partner, and we’re convinced working with them would benefit any communications department.”

Reto Aregger
Head of Communications Allreal Group, Zurich

“We have used SmartNotes for our annual report and were thus able to optimise the efficiency and transparency of the reporting process. The high degree of automation, the excellent functionality of the number management and the CD-compliant implementation with the layout robot convinced us. The decisive factor for us was that we could create the reports ready for printing completely in Word and Excel. The correction effort was massively reduced and the media break to a graphic programme such as InDesign was avoided.ˮ

Pauline Mercier Fauchon
Responsible Group Finance, Swissquote Bank SA, Gland VD