Internal communication on all channels

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Migros Fachmarkt AG’s has a broad-based communi­cations strategy is designed to build understanding for changes among staff. Its communications aim to foster customer­-centred thinking and behaviour as well as cross-divisional cooperation. Employees are encouraged to courageously try new things and break boundaries. Linkgroup served as a one-stop shop with responsibility for all communi­cations measures and applications on an integral basis: “Together” magazine (conceptual design, editing, content development, design and print) “Beliefs” brochure (proofreading, design and print), intranet (conceptual design, editing and design), teaser campaign, video podcast (conceptual design and production), CEO newsletter, live streams (conceptual design, script, storyboards for videos), developing style guide for all media.



Newly established in 2021, Migros Fachmarkt AG acts as a provider of central services for the Micasa, Melectronics, SportX and Do it + Garden speciality stores. These central services include strategy, category management, online commerce and marketing. Migros Fachmarkt AG is there to strengthen the market position of each brand on both the online and bricks and mortar channels, providing services and products responding to the individual needs of customers.

Special features

Boosting teamwork and feeling of belonging, building understanding, facilitating knowledge transfer. One-stop services: strategy, conceptual design and implementation. Content creation across all channels and media: “Together” magazine for speciality stores, intranet, video podcast, CEO newsletter, teaser campaign, live stream. Harmonised branding.

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