Special website for investor relations, cross-media reporting.


Since going public, VAT has placed particular emphasis on financial and sustainability communications. Its first cross-media annual report back in 2017 was already an expression of this philosophy. Since the IPO, Linkgroup has been working with VAT’s experts to further refine and develop the company’s communications media every year. Great examples of this are the special investor relations site embedded in the corporate website and the development of the group’s branding. The IR website contains all the relevant information on the development of business and financial performance, as well as on corporate governance topics, including information in connection with the annual general meeting. All VAT’s reporting media are aligned with the group’s strapline: Passion. Precision. Purity.


VAT is the leading global developer, manufacturer and supplier of high-end vacuum valves. VAT vacuum valves are mission-critical components for advanced manufacturing processes of innovative products used in daily life such as portable devices, flat screen monitors and solar panels. VAT is organised into two different reporting segments, Valves and Global Service offering high-end vacuum valves, multi-valve modules, edge-welded bellows and related value-added services for an array of vacuum applications. VAT Group is a global player with over 2,000 employees and main manufacturing sites in Haag (Switzerland), Penang (Malaysia) and Arad (Romania). Net sales in the 2021 financial year amounted to CHF 901 million. Established in 1964 as a small business in the Rhine Valley, VAT was floated on the stock exchange in April 2016.

Special features

Financial and sustainability reporting: refined every year since 2017. Special IR website, online annual report with quick report and chart generator. Consistent top rankings in the Swiss Annual Report Rating Striking typography, bold graphics in charts, top-class infographics. Cover pages: short portrait of VAT and financial outlook for the coming year. Harmonised branding.

IR website and online annual report

“Communications media for financial and sustainability reporting are particularly demanding. Linkgroup has deep expertise in this field, a proven track record and a great deal of cross-media know-how. Together we’re constantly evolving our communications media. Great examples of this are the special investor relations site embedded in our corporate website and the development of the group’s branding. Ever since our IPO in 2016, collaboration with Linkgroup has been perfect in all respects, especially during hectic phases where changes have had to be made at short notice. One-stop services from concept and creation to cross-media production, plus the PublishingSuite Finance® platform, have also helped make things very efficient.”

Michel Gerber
Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Communications of VAT Group AG, Haag (Canton of St Gallen)