“La vita è bella”: Bindella’s customer magazine.


A well-made customer magazine is both entertaining and useful for existing and new customers. Bindella also wanted its magazine to give the brand a consistently recognisable voice. Bindella’s in-house editorial team tells stories, writes novellas and travel reports, provides interesting facts, examines trends in wine and celebrates Italian cuisine – all in conjunction with current offerings. Bindella was looking for an agency with experience in content marketing and know-how in editorial design that could also take charge of production on an integrated basis. Linkgroup prevailed in a two-stage tender with a distinct visual design, and now produces the magazine on a one-stop basis.


About Bindella: “Our family is devoted to Italy and its culture, and has been for more than a hundred years. We’re passionate hosts and wine merchants. We operate 44 ristoranti with different concepts. Our day-to-day work is rooted in heartfelt hospitality, a dedication to quality and authentic artisanship. Our 1,300 employees radiate Italian vitality.”

Special features

Intelligent content marketing. A highly enjoyable read, three times a year. Magazine as a promotional vehicle for wine and hospitality business. On the ground in Italy with well-known winemakers. Viticultural offering. Regional recipes. Establishing the Bindella brand.

“We wanted our magazine ‘La vita è bella’ to give the brand a consistently recognisable voice. We also wanted it to be a promotional vehicle for our wine and hospitality business. The magazine is a success and has got a very good response from readers. With Linkgroup, we managed to hire an agency with a wealth of experience in content marketing and know-how in editorial design. Collaboration with their team is highly professional and we feel their passion.”

Nicole Rüsch
Creation and Communications Executive of Bindella AG, Zurich

Alexander Maycock
Chief Executive and Head of Marketing of Bindella AG, Zurich