Focus on investors, financial analysts and the media.

This service package is aimed at listed and non-listed companies that see the value of professional financial and sustainability communications, including communications connected with capital market transactions and IPOs.

Modular service package

If you commission us to manage your project on an integrated basis you benefit from our capabilities as a full-service provider. For each service package we offer the following modules:

  • Consulting services
  • Conceptual design
  • Content creation
  • Design
  • Cross-media production

Financial communications with an impact

For listed companies in particular, financial communications in the narrower sense are governed by rules and regulations. But they also have plenty of freedom when it comes to implementation and presenting additional, primarily non-financial, information. The secret is to use this freedom to achieve the greatest impact with your stakeholders. We have the knowledge, experience and implementation capabilities to help you do precisely that.

Quality and sustainability reporting

It’s increasingly important for companies to produce reports meeting the relevant quality and sustainability standards. But they should be designed and produced in such a way that they go beyond the minimum reporting requirements and do more than merely justify the organisation’s activities. We know how to tackle projects of this kind to meet the overarching objectives. This expertise is bundled in our sustainability publishing capabilities.

Integrated reporting

Integrated reporting is gathering momentum all over the world, but for many Swiss companies it’s still uncharted territory. Producing an integrated report is challenging, with many requirements to be met. Before you embark on a project of this sort, you have to make very sure that your organisation is up to these challenges and has the in-house resources to deliver. We can support you right from this preliminary clarification phase.

Expertise in reporting and financial publishing

Every year Linkgroup produces more than 150 annual reports, online and print, and sustainability reports. Financial reporting is dominated by facts and figures that must be presented with great precision and in clearly defined formats. The process is governed by statutory and regulatory requirements that have to be met in their entirety at all stages of the process. Our structures and workflows are closely geared to these requirements. We guarantee our customers professional execution and absolute confidentiality.

“We have used SmartNotes for our annual report and were thus able to optimise the efficiency and transparency of the reporting process. The high degree of automation, the excellent functionality of the number management and the CD-compliant implementation with the layout robot convinced us. The decisive factor for us was that we could create the reports ready for printing completely in Word and Excel. The correction effort was massively reduced and the media break to a graphic programme such as InDesign was avoided.ˮ

Pauline Mercier Fauchon
Responsible Group Finance, Swissquote Bank SA, Gland VD

We’re proud to have contributed to Geberit’s first place overall. We’ve been working with the company since its IPO in 1999. Overall we had a part in ten of the top 25 solutions in the Online/Print Design rating. This year we were involved in the report produced by Fundamenta Real Estate, the second biggest climber of the year; last year we had a hand in the Swissquote report that was the biggest climber of that year.

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